The pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry uses process equipment and packaging equipment that benefits from JAX lubricants.

In order to meet the evolving needs of our customers, Indlub are constantly analyzing the JAX product line for opportunities to improve performance and value. This proactive approach to lubrication allows Indlub to provide superior products that provide substantial cost savings in terms of extended machine life, reduced downtime and increased production

The JAX lubricants Indlub provide cater for tablets, liquid medicines, capsules, ointments, cream/gel lotions, toothpastes, shampoos, jar filling and boiling kettles. We can also help with the application of the lubrication of your equipment with our automated lubrication system from Xact.

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Conveyor Glide Series


This USP white mineral oil-based lubricant provides exceptional wear and corrosion protection and non-drip performance in NSF H1 and Kosher trolley applications throughout the meat and poultry industry.

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Magna-Plate FG ISO Gear Oils

NSF H1 Semi-Synthetic - ISO 220FG, 320FG, 460FG

These gear oils are semi-synthetic, white oil-based with sheer stable V.I. modifiers. As a result, they can be used in gearbox applications previously thought to be too severe for food-grade lubricants. The superior operating characteristics provide reduced operating temperatures, reduced friction, and minimal gear wear. The high film strength offers excellent lubricity for spur, helical, spiral, bevel, planetary and worm gears. Contains Micronox.

Also available: Magna-Plate 320FG-HG3 upon request.

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Halo-Guard FG Series

NSF H1 - FG-00, FG-LT, FG-2, FG-PM

This series of revolutionary food-grade grease is manufactured with proprietary antiwear chemistry that improves performance over all competitive CSC greases. A newly enhanced calcium sulfonate complex thickener provides exceptional mechanical stability, very high load-carrying (E.P.) ability and remarkable rust and corrosion control. In addition, JAX Halo-Guard FG has excellent water resistance and outstanding high-temperature performance abilities. This technology is combined with a new high viscosity, partial synthetic food-grade base fluid to make JAX Halo-Guard FG the most effective food-grade grease for heavily-loaded applications. This is a true high-performance, plant-wide food-grade grease.

Note: NZ (Non-Zinc) versions NZ-2 and NZ-LT available on request.

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Magna-Kote SDO, SDO-C


Magna-Kote SDO is a specially formulated emulsion that dissolves sugar, making it the perfect choice for lubricating areas that can be affected by the presence of sugar. It provides enhanced antiwear performance and corrosion resistance in a ready-to-use aqueous solution. Magna-Kote SDO-C is the concentrated form, ready to be diluted.

Automated Lubrication

Industrial Lubricants provides complete plant design and implementation of automated lubrication systems for all processing phases in the plant. For more information, please contact us at