Welcome to Industrial Lubricants (UK) LTD

We are solution providers to lubrication engineers, with specialities for the Food Industry and Industrial applications. Our goals are to provide:

  • Quality lubricants that solve the problems and keep your equipment/asset in good order.
  • Improve the life and reliability of your equipment, reducing down time and maintenance costs.
  • Improvements to your Productivity.
  • First class service, with prompt deliveries, technical service and comprehensive dedicated documentation.
  • The right solution to the lubrication problem.
  • Inventory systems, colour coding and customer specific lubrication software which keeps a record of lube points that have been lubricated when, with the correct product and by whom, allow full traceability.

We want to be your Lubrication Partner in Business.


Industrial Lubricants (UK) Ltd understands that in engineering terms supplying lubricants in today’s market is simply not enough. Engineering departments are under every increasing pressure to perform, maintaining equipment in less time, with less resources, and less funds, to keep the Factory productive. If your company is also manufacturing for the Food industry you must conform to Food Standards, whether that is in direct processing of food product or indirect such as the pharmaceutical or packaging industries, that problem is increased. Your machinery not only has the usual problems, but is commonly subject to water and constant cleaning and must run with Food Grade Lubricants.

Engineers in these fields, commonly have some of the toughest challenges, Hot, Cold, Fast, Slow, Water and Cleaning Processes! They must also conform to strict guidelines in Health and Safety, and regular audits from organisations such as the BRC, EFSIS, HACCP and their Customers.


We offer a number of solutions, each tailored to the individual customer, your budget requirement and your industry. At Industrial Lubricants, we use our 20 years of experience in supplying and serving engineering and Production Companies to help them, by working together to get the best out of their equipment. With the vast experience of the Food Industry and its equipment, Industrial Lubricants, our European partners and JAX will be supporting you.

Industrial Lubricants (UK) Ltd holds large stocks within the UK, supported by our distribution centre in America.


JAX INC. High Performance Lubricants including the largest range of Food Grade Lubricants

Established in 1955, JAX began developing solution to common lubrication issues within industry, including the automotive and the food industry. This problem solving attitude and their technical knowledge lead to partnerships with Food producers and the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) to develop a lubricant safe enough to be used within a food factory that may have ‘incidental contact’. By 1962 JAX had developed, proved and received the first USDA approval of a lubricant to be used within a Food Factory. That approval became the foundation of what the industry today calls ‘FOOD GRADE Lubricants’.

  • pdf icon Allergen Letter Proofer Chain Oil
  • pdf icon Kosher Letter
  • pdf icon Nut Free Letter
  • pdf icon USDA Authorisation
  • pdf icon Palm Oil Letter
  • pdf icon ISO 9001:2008 Certificate
  • pdf icon JAX FG-H1 General Letter ISO 21469:2006
  • pdf icon JAX Halal Certificate

What is Food Grade?

Food Grade Lubricants are all about experience in testing. Unlike Industrial products, where additives can be sourced and included within lubricants to bolster performance, food grade lubricants can only be improved by research, development, and constant testing.

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