High load carrying greases and oils that can handle the daily demands of dairy process equipment.


Excellent temperature range, corrosion resistance and high load carrying oils and greases that can offer Micronox protection too.

Meat & Poultry

A range of quality, high performance products that increase lubrication intervals, productivity and extend equipment and lubricant life.

Pharmaceutical & Packaging

Improve bearing life with our high performance, high load carrying Food Grade greases, approved by major equipment manufacturers and global customers.

Feed Mills

Water resistant greases and oils for fruit and vegetable processing, with specialty lubricants available for continuous cookers and steam peelers.

Fruit & Veg

Quality lubricants for fillers, cappers/crowners and can seaming. Used and approved by equipment manufacturers.

Beer & Beverage

High temperature oven lubricants that do not produce carbon and corrosion resistant proofer chain oils for your provers.


A range of performance lubricants that can operate in excess of -50° C, approved by major Freezer manufacturers.


For the demanding industrial application; High temperature chain drive ovens to can forming and seaming, we have the solutions.


Going back several years we started to look for a range of Foodsafe lubricants that would satisfy our needs within our packaging depts.
We already used a small range of oils & greases but these were limited to just a couple of what we deemed to be critical areas. These being mainly our can line seamer and bright beer tank rouser gearboxes...
I took the decision to move to Jax lubricants 3 years ago.
As a producer in the beverage industry food grade lubricants are obviously essential.
The Jax range is not only FDA and NSF-H1 approved but has the added bonus of the micronox technology...
Since changing over to a JAX we are experiencing significantly less gearbox failure...
JAX lubricants more than satisfy any audits we have had since starting to use these products & we have recommended them to other companies...
They had found that they needed to change oils less frequently as the JAX ranges hadn’t suffered from the same levels of deterioration in most applications than their previous supply...

We are solution providers to lubrication and maintenance engineers, with specialities for the Food Industry and Industrial applications. We provide H1 food grade grease, food grade oil, Lube chain, high temperature chain oil, silicone spray, chain oil, bearing grease, high temperature silicone, synthetic lubricants, semi synthetic lubricants and mineral based as well as foodlube to name but a few. We have access to lubricants that cater for specific requirements such as Kosher and allergy sufferers peanut etc.

Our customers include Food manufacturers, food machinery manufacturers for food processing machinery and food packaging etc..

Our systems encourage food safety for food processing equipment, food manufacturing, food processing equipment (including meat processing equipment) and general improvement in hygiene.

Our goals are to provide:

  • Quality lubricants that solve the problems and keep your equipment/asset in good order.
  • Improve the life and reliability of your equipment, reducing down time and maintenance costs.
  • Improvements to your productivity.
  • First class service, with prompt deliveries, technical service and comprehensive dedicated documentation.
  • The right solution to the lubrication problem.
  • Inventory systems, colour coding and customer specific lubrication software which keeps a record of lube points that have been lubricated when, with the correct product and by whom, allowing full traceability.



We want to be your Lubrication Partner in Business.

Founded in 1955, JAX is a wholly-owned company that has become a global player in food-grade lubrication. As an independent company, JAX has the autonomy to compound lubricants without compromising superior performance for price. From formulating new lubricants for unique processes, to rushing emergency testing through the independent RPM Laboratory, it’s these little, and not so little, things that separate JAX from other lubricant companies. To do this, JAX employs only dedicated, experienced people to make the difference in their customers’ business. JAX is an ISO 9001-2000 certified company.
XACT Fluid Solutions has engineered lubricant dispensing systems that will reduce consumption and extend the life of industrial and food plant machinery. We know that understanding the equipment and the advantages provided is key in continued improvement. Presentation materials, installation instructions, engineering drawings, videos and even personal training are all components of a complete solution. Our staff of experts in the areas of tribology, fluid dynamics, engineering, fabrication and installation will provide the necessary details to educate you on your solution options. The more informed our clients become, the better prepared they are to solve similar issues in other areas.